ALL - Earn and use Reward points in bars & restaurants

Your loyalty rewarded

Earn and use Reward points whenever you have a drink or meal 
in one of our participating restaurants and bars*. 
Pay directly via the app. Easy!

Dining out?

Good news! You can now earn and use Reward points in bars and restaurants, even when you’re not 
staying at the hotel. Start earning Reward points on orders from as little as €1 and use your Reward 
points to settle your bill! 
You just need to be a member of ALL and download the Accor All app.

Always been an early adopter?

Dining out in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic or Slovakia? Not only can you earn Reward 

points, you can also use points to settle your bill in our participating bars and restaurants. 

Even when you’re not staying at the hotel.

How to earn and use Reward points?

1- Go into “My account” in the Accor All app.

2- Register a credit card.

3- At the restaurant/bar, proceed to payment via the Accor All app

Now you can choose to earn or use Reward points every time you dine out!

Good to know:

Minimum earn amount: €1

Earn scheme: €1 = 1 Reward point

Minimum use amount: 1,000 Reward points

Use scheme: 1,000 Reward points = €10

To settle your bill using points, you must have enough Reward points.

Don’t have enough Reward points to settle the full amount? 
can still earn Reward points on your drink or meal. 

*See the list of participating hotels and restaurants

See terms and conditions of membership

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