Sydney is the perfect city for globetrotters on the lookout for culinary adventures. The ultimate blend of casual and multicultural gastronomy, it’s a place where European and Asian influences blend together in perfect harmony.

Being a chef in the most populated city in Australia means choosing fresh-caught fish for your dinner service at the Pyrmont market in Darling Harbour and organic vegetables from the Eveleigh Markets in the Darlington neighbourhood. It means cooking these outstanding products using a fusion of Asian and European techniques and recipes. It also helps having an enormous love for Wagyu, the sought-after and incredibly marbled meat from Japanese beef cattle reared in Australia, and knowing to pair it with an Australian red wine from nearby Hunter Valley. 

Like a true Sydneysider, while away the hours working or chatting at one of the city’s many hip coffee shops. Order a grand cru coffee expertly and artfully served by a barista, a speciality in which the locals are now excelling. 

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