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Marrakech cuisine is just like the city itself: sunny, generous and complex. With as many world-renowned dishes as recipes you are unlikely to have tried, it is the culmination of a great many culinary encounters of Berber, Jewish, Spanish and F
rench origins.

The result? Alongside the ever-popular couscous and the traditional Moroccan tagine, a new and modern cuisine has now emerged.  Allowing you to enjoy the most beautiful of tender lamb shanks, a vegetarian dish or an international classic, such as heavenly pizza infused with local spices.

And if you wish to find such spices – from cinnamon and saffron to clove – you absolutely must immerse yourself in the souks of the Medina market, a UNESCO world heritage site. While meandering through stalls each more fragrant than the last, you will quickly give in to the temptation of Moroccan pastries. Dripping with honey and infused with orange flower water, these pastries are one of the East’s best-kept secrets.

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