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Lyon is the cradle of French gastronomy, and the city prides itself on maintaining its reputation. Located where the north of France meets the south, exceptional products abound, both in the city’s open air market stalls and on the plates of its

The purest expressions of Lyon’s culinary prowess are served up in the city’s numerous bouchon restaurants, where a new generation of chefs are bringing a touch of modernity to traditional dishes. 

But it is in bistronomy, a clever blend of wine room, bistro and fine dining where Lyon’s culinary brilliance shines brightest. In these restaurants you can indulge in delicious traditional dishes like coq au vin or quenelles lyonnaises, accompanied by a bottle of locally produced Beaujolais nouveau wine. Finish off the meal with a tasty pink praline tart and make some unforgettable memories during your stay in Lyon.

Visit some of our Accor restaurants in Lyon for a taste of authentic and innovative cuisine.

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