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Has the world’s fine food revolution arrived in London? The birthplace of the gastro pub, London is a melting pot of many different cultures and influences. Flavourful curries, the best fish & chips, excellent French, Italian, Lebanese, and Jama
ican cuisine, and even the world’s first nudist restaurant can all be experienced in the English capital. 

While visitors love what the city serves up in its restaurants, they also love to peruse its exquisite shops. Because London really does have everything: from exquisite Christmas hampers at Fortnum and Mason, to unique vintage finds at the bustling Brick Lane market, the list goes on.

Fancy a cuppa? Only if it comes with a selection of dainty sandwiches and scones (individual cakes spread with butter, cream and jam). Stop at one of the capital’s many tearooms for a food-filled experience that’s enough to keep hunger pangs at bay, even for those with the biggest appetites. 

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