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As vast as it is fascinating, Bangkok offers the traveller a concentrated taste of Thai, Asian and international cuisine. For only a few baht, you can treat yourself to the freshest of fruit-juices, or relish the most flavoursome of soups. 

By immersing yourself in one of the capital’s superb hotels or restaurants, you’ll become acquainted with some of the world’s greatest gastronomical visionaries. With its centuries old culinary tradition, Bangkok rivals the largest European and American cities.  And, wherever you come from, it isn’t hard to find comfort in German bars, Italian trattorias or French restaurants if homesickness strikes. Because even the best of the West is always there waiting for you.

Finally, we also love this unique city for its rooftop venues and their spectacular views, as can be found in the SO Sofitel Bangkok and its Park Society restaurant, where the trendsetters throng to listen to the best DJs and dance the night away.

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