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urban gardens urban gardens
urban gardens urban gardens
urban gardens urban gardens

Long live the urban gardens!

Respect for the environment and organic cuisine go hand in hand. In cities around the world, people are creating their own gardens to ensure a hyper-local and most definitely organic production.

A true societal phenomenon, urban vegetable gardens and produce spaces are burgeoning in cities to meet the desires of city dwellers who are eager for nature and good fresh produce. The great chefs are embracing this new trend displaying great inventiveness.
When your dish comes directly from the garden...

Going into the kitchen to cook with products that you have cultivated yourself, is that not the dream of every gourmet soul? And now it is possible thanks to the spread of urban vegetable gardens! Because, yes, the trend is to go natural and local. And if you haven't invested yet in market gardening, you can still enjoy the organic farms located near the cities. They deliver fresh, crisp products to your home, with an organic guarantee... What more can you ask for?

Cities go green

After taking over the rooftops and sidewalks of Montreal, New York or Chicago, urban individual gardens and community gardens have also conquered Europe. Cultivated rooftops, communal gardens, conversion of wasteland, the initiatives are multiplying everywhere. Just in Ile-de-France, the area covered by communal gardens already exceeds that of traditional agricultural land, with 132 vineyards, 10 of them in the capital. In Paris, there are 110 orchards planted in school yards. By 2020, the French capital will accommodate 100 hectares of green roofs, walls and facades. While in Marseilles, about 30 hectares, now devoted to agriculture, have already been taken over the city.

Cultivating your garden and eating from it

The rise of co-op gardens, green rooftops and urban vegetable gardens stems from the rising awareness of how important it is to change and adopt sustainable practices. With every passing year, respect for the environment becomes more deeply rooted in the minds and habits of the people, who are increasingly turning to "eating well." And, as one is never better served than by oneself, why not produce locally by developing a small plot of land among neighbours?

When star-decorated chefs get in on the act

Nothing can resists this groundswell ... And the greatest chefs are fully embracing it. Following the renowned Alain Passard, many chefs today are keeping their own vegetable gardens. A few planters on a balcony or terrace, or a full-on garden, rare are the large kitchens that do not cultivate their own plot nowadays. The rhythm of the seasons is re-learned and the forgotten flavours of the vegetables and fruits of the past are being rediscovered. The result: Menus that are still refined and inventive, but renewed more frequently and more in touch with the soil. It is therefore possible today to sample menus on a terrace (or indoors) whose ingredients were picked that very morning, right next to the place where you are seated. Fresher, impossible!

At Accor too, chefs adopt a "green attitude"

The restaurants of Accor also embrace this trend! Nature and Californian inspiration come together under the baton of Chef Andrew Wigger for a terrace lunch at the FRAME of the Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel. The same spirit is at play at the N Restaurant, Novotel Milano Linate Aeroporto, featuring a balanced cuisine to be enjoyed under the sun on a terrace in Milan. And, in an oriental style, why not let yourself be tempted by the vegetarian menu of the Lok Wah Hin restaurant at the Novotel Siam Square in Bangkok?

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