Enjoy a meal with your feet in the water Enjoy a meal with your feet in the water

Enjoy a meal with your feet in the water

How would you feel about complementing your exotic trip with unforgettable breaks on the terraces of our most beautiful restaurants? Sky and waves always near, while your taste buds delight in the food!
A terrace meal by the sea
Simple, light dishes to be enjoyed between swims, or the refinement of a gourmet dinner under the stars: two options that are available to you during your stay on the islands! Discover new flavours, full of authenticity, and a change of scenery. Breakfast, lunch or dinner on the terrace in Bali, Mauritius, Phu Qoc or Phuket... and your stay will be truly magic.

In Bali, terrace dining in an exotic seaside garden

Oriental ambience, exotic woodwork, luxuriant vegetation, and just a short distance away, right before your eyes, the clear waters that bathe Bali's southern coast. Under the roof of its majestic pergola built with various species of local wood lie the tables of the Pandawa Restaurant. In the midst of the exuberant garden of the Mercure Resort Sanur and the sound of lapping waters in the background, you are eating on a terrace in Bali, as you set your reveries free. Grilled lobster, seafood dishes or vegetarian concoctions await you after your exploration of the most beautiful beaches of the island's southern peninsula.

In Phu Quoc, the sea belongs to you 

Fine sand and the surf of the Gulf of Thailand... The Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc is a true paradise. The tropical gardens of La Veranda Resort stretch out onto the beach along an imposing wooden terrace. In the protective shade of the palm trees, rocked by the sound of the wind, you are right by the sea. Settled in on one of the citrus-coloured chairs of the Le Jardin Restaurant, you take a gourmet break on the terrace, before resuming your R&R.
Enjoy a meal with your feet in the water
Dining in a garden of Eden in Phukhet

Punctuate your Zen stay in the mythical island of Phuket with some gourmet breaks! A romantic dinner? How about a little elevation? Perched on the promontory that houses the panoramic terrace of the Pullman Phuket Arcadia, you behold the crystal-clear waters of the Andaman Sea! At the Elements Restaurant, Thai and western culinary traditions intermingle—enjoy the fusion flavours of a banana blossom salad while taking in the breathtaking views.

Sea, luxury and culinary refinement on the island of Mauritius

Dine by the water as you never imagined. The sea is so close that the odd wave could come in and caress the bottom of your white tablecloth. Glasses animated by the reflections of candlelight, plates and silverware—your whole table is impeccably set on the very sand of the beach. In the light of stars and the torches planted on the private beach of your hotel, you'll dine on the best terrace of Mauritius. In the paradisiacal setting of the Jacaranda, you will enjoy a meal that is as unique as it is refined. Chef Philippe Grondin's menu is an invitation to travel down a culinary path where local flavours and the subtleties of French gastronomy come together with ever-renewed inspiration.

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