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Craving a lunch on the grass…

What better way to fully enjoy a gourmet break than to immerse yourself in nature? Be it lunch or dinner on a terrace, slip into the verdant setting to taste the pleasure of the moment.
How about eating outdoors?

In search of a real break, you visit the secret garden of a restaurant or the best terrace in the city to escape your hectic life for a moment. Discover these hidden paradises that offer styles and atmospheres as unexpected as they are varied. From the most rustic to the most sophisticated, focus on a few restaurants that offer to take you outside...

In Munich, beer is chic!

In Germany, when you say "terrace break," you mean of course "Biergarten" (beer garden)! In summer, these terraces are the rendezvous point of beer lovers who want to share a refreshing moment. You prefer a more sophisticated atmosphere for your outdoor dining? Go to the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost to enjoy an excellent terrace lunch featuring the touch of a French bistro. Accompanied by a good beer, of course!

Reconnect with the old-fashioned countryside on the banks of the Marne

The sun shining through the foliage and the lapping of the river ... Just like in the time of the Impressionists on the banks of the Seine or the Marne, fine-weather permitting, the open-air cafes are always filled along the banks of the streams of Ile de France. And of course, go ahead and prolong your relaxing break after your lovely meal on the terrace of the ibis Kitchen Lounge in Nogent-sur-Marne.
Terrace garden
When the terrace is a garden

Unusual, unexpected, enchanting ... words fall short when describing the extraordinary gardens and terraces that adorn a number of restaurants around the world. Tinted with greenery, the subtleties of the most refined tables take on another dimension, such is the case at the restaurant Bridges in Amsterdam. At The Terrace restaurant in Barcelona, far from the hustle and bustle of the Diagonal Avenue, with a view overlooking 19th century gardens, you will enjoy a unique evening under the floral pergola of the best Catalan terrace. On the other side of the planet, you will encounter this bucolic atmosphere in Singapore's The Garden at the Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa; nature lends it its freshness and majesty. No doubt about it—restaurants with a terrace are decidedly irresistible!

In the middle of the city, find a corner of nature to enjoy a bite to eat

But you could also go the other way: start by immersing yourself in the greenery and then take advantage of it to live a gourmet moment! In the shelter of a lush oasis in the heart of the city, you carve out enough time to disconnect for an improvised picnic. On the bench of one of the sidewalks of the Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels, lying on the lawn of the Sheep Meadow in Central Park, or under the banks of one of the lakes in the Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo ... Eating outdoors is always a delight, whichever way you choose!

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