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Feeling like takeaway?

Formerly associated only with fast food, the takeaway is now trendy even in the most refined of restaurants!
From fast food to star-studded eateries!

You thought takeaway was reserved for pizzas, burgers and other types of sandwiches? Think again: nowadays, the trend is even popular at Michelin-starred restaurants! You can enjoy a chef's meal while comfortably settled in your sofa or, why not, on a public bench. This is now a reality thanks to the takeaway trend.

The takeaway made anew

Pizzas, paninis, kebabs, hamburgers, Chinese noodles... Such were the menu options that were generally available when you'd decide to go for takeaway. Until a few years ago, takeaway was synonymous with unrefined fast food that offered little in the way of balanced nutrition, even if it could be very tasty. But driven by the impulse of young innovative chefs, the small world of takeaway has recently undergone a true metamorphosis.

Food truck, or the street food revolution

A concept imported from the U.S. in the early 2010s, food trucks were among the first establishments to shake up the takeaway concept. True little mobile restaurants set up in the four corners of various cities, these trucks are equipped with all the necessary implements to prepare good dishes. Indeed, they have introduced the concept of quality street food that is both original and ready for takeaway. You wanted to hit a terrace restaurant, but you can't find a place? No problem! Thanks to food trucks, you can order your lunch in no time and enjoy it in a sunny park, at home or at the office! Italian or Anglo-Saxon, Japanese or Mexican cuisine ... A new world of flavours has come to enrich the concept of takeaway!

Even star-winning restaurants are getting into it

Taking the food world by storm, takeaway has gone so far as to infiltrate the traditionally very closed medium of haute cuisine chefs! Following in the footsteps of this trend, a number of chefs began to create a whole range of takeaway dishes, allowing you to discover their culinary inventions in the comfort of your home. In London you can enjoy the selections of the Sofitel St James, while in Munich you can treat yourself to the cuisine of Gourmet Bar restaurant at the Novotel Munich Arnulfstrasse. And during your stay in Paris, take a stroll by the summer food truck of the FRAME, managed by Chef Andrew Wigger, confirming that takeaway definitely rhymes with voluptuousness!

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