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Florian Eude Florian Eude

Florian Eude “Dessert is for the gourmand.”

Florian Eude is young and talented, and belongs to the generation of pastry chefs of tomorrow. As a young man, he aspired to be a designer, a childhood dream he let go of for another discipline requiring an artistic streak: pâtisserie. The discovery of this field let him give voice to his creativity, in both taste and presentation.
He began his training at the Ecole Grégoire Ferrandi in Paris and gained further experience at prestigious restaurants– notably at Crillon, where he spent two years as apprentice to Jérome Chaucesse. This was followed by a period at Meurice as commis chef.

Later he honed his skills by working as Assistant Pastry Chef at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie, and by taking part in many contests, including the European Cup, the French Selection for the World Cup, and the International Charles Proust Contest. Several renowned establishments then opened their doors to him: Pierre Gagnaire’s sketch in London, the pâtisserie Cassel, and even the Park Hyatt Paris.
His successful experiences helped shape his future career choice: Molitor. He fits in perfectly at this hotel, where he can express himself through its various menus.

In 2016 he arrived at Molitor as Pastry Chef with just one belief: “Dessert is for the gourmand.”
He also vows to work with fresh and delicious seasonal fruit. He advocates simple, refined, gourmet desserts with distinct textures, even while acknowledging the trends of today (gluten- and sugar-free).

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