Healthy and original—the veggie burger trend Healthy and original—the veggie burger trend
Healthy and original—the veggie burger trend Healthy and original—the veggie burger trend

Healthy and original—the veggie burger trend

Try the path less trodden and let yourself be tempted by a veggie burger! The light vegetarian version of the hamburger will surprise you with its diverse flavours.
The burger is not just for carnivores! You can rediscover this famous many-layered dish in its veggie version: crispy vegetables, veggie patty and wholemeal bread.
Refreshingly new ideas for vegetarian burgers
Do you think you have tried every  hamburger there is? Well, the veggie burger will be a treat for both your eyes and taste buds, and probably shake up your preconceptions, too. So what's behind this original burger? Swapping a juicy beef patty for vegetables prepared in a thousand and one ways: grilled, marinated, mixed, cooked and very tender or raw and crispy... Textures intensified by the soft, fresh bread bun sprinkled with grains.

The veggie burger for all seasons
Springtime burger "tomato, mozzarrella, spinach, olive spread"; summer burger "tomatoes, courgettes, aubergine, peppers,  goat's cheese and thyme" or end-of-season burger "chestnut squash" or even a "mushroom, Morbier cheese and caramelised onions"… The light-version hamburger invites you to a culinary tour of the world with a mixture of "chickpeas and Moroccan spices"; "tofu, lemongrass, coriander and cashews"  or "avocado, butternut and beetroot"! For a side dish, veggie burgers go well with salads, sweet potatoes or house-ketchup spiced up with ginger or muscovado sugar.

The veggie burger, a meat-less burger?
True, but not without protein! To keep a nutritional content in this meal, the meat is replaced by vegetable patties:  partly puréed vegetables or legumes, fried for a few seconds. And there is a huge choice on the menu for your meatless burger:  aubergine slices, green or red lentils, kidney or azuki beans, chickpeas (as hummus), sesame (as tahini) or even tofu, plain, smoked, or seasoned: a myriad alternatives to animal-origin protein! 

The benefits of the veggie burger, on your plate and beyond
So the veggie burger tends to draw on seasonal vegetables, but it also uses wholemeal and gluten-free flour in its breads, oat-flake pancakes or almond-milk buns for the lactose intolerant. Another plus is that it often has less calories than a meat burger (230 calories against 150 for the same burger to tofu portions)!  And finally, vegans never fail to praise this healthy burger for its respect for animals and nature...  In fact, the veggie burger is part of the organic food chain which supports local and fair trade.  Tasty, light and ethical—what more could you want?

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