Sweet burger Sweet burger
Sweet burger Sweet burger

Sweet burger, the sugary subtleness of an out-of-the-ordinary burger

Ringing the changes on a traditional apple tart or chocolate cake, this dessert takes on an unexpected aspect. It is a sweet burger!  Have a look at some recipe ideas that will make you want to go for this unusual burger.
Nothing stops the forward march of the burger! It has turned to pastry with a sugared version to create the dessert burger. Not yet convinced? Try the sweet and melting combinations of the sweet burger…
In the sweet burger, everything starts with the brioche…
Like the burger bun of its savoury alter ego, the sweet brioche hamburger is anything but boring. The quality of the brioche defines how soft the burger is. Any self-respecting burger needs an exceptional setting! The perfect subtle balance is that of a brioche that is  soft, airy and melting in the mouth, perfectly golden, as it should...

A dessert burger that features real flavours
The success of these sweet burgers really depends on the quality and selection of ingredients. The better the constituents, the more delicious they are! Nothing can replace good-quality baking chocolate, or the unmistakeable tartness of the best seasonal fruits. Organic honey, homemade Chantilly cream and traditional whipped cream are also some of the best accompaniments in a sweet burger recipe.

A made-to-measure burger for the food lover
A total chocolate burger, a fruit burger, brioche burger…  And what if, in this almost limitless range of options you just need to keep two or three suggestions? Perhaps summer fruit with their simple but irreplaceable flavours, with a tutti-frutti burger: red fruit on a bed of Chantilly cream. Or let yourself be seduced by the charms of a strawberry burger with chocolate and lime cream… Or perhaps you'd dare try the smooth and surprising mixture of a fresh strawberry burger with avocado cream. Yum!

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