The burger, a great staple of Novotel's Gourmet Bar The burger, a great staple of Novotel's Gourmet Bar
The burger, a great staple of Novotel's Gourmet Bar The burger, a great staple of Novotel's Gourmet Bar

The burger, a great staple of Novotel's Gourmet Bar

Whether it's a meal "on the go" or a  gourmet break, the burger is top billing in Novotel restaurants. What are you waiting? Go ahead and enjoy your next burger experience!
By varying the sauces and toppings, the burger offers infinite alternatives, so food lovers can return time and again and never be bored. Do you want top-quality meat, crispy vegetables and tasty bread? Then come to your Novotel Gourmet Bar!
Quick and delicious options on the burger menu
Whether its's a quick lunch snatched between meetings or a dinner after a tiring day of visits, biting into a good hamburger offers a special moment. Comfortably installed in the Novotel Gourmet Bar, you can enjoy a full and varied meal: fresh, crispy vegetables and bread, pickles, locally-sourced ground beef... and some fries for a treat. You choose your own toppings and the sauce to suit your mood, and there you have it: a quick delicious meal!

From American myth to cosmopolitan bistronomy, the burger is on an all-time high!
Another advantage of the burger? It is truly an invitation to travel. Just one mouthful takes you to the other side of the Atlantic to an American diner on route 66 or a trendy eatery in the heart of Manhattan. However, today, burger restaurant menus go way beyond the traditional American burger.  Reinterpreting the basic burger DNA and taking inspiration from their local backyard, bistros the world over offer their own original burger recipes. Novotel Gourmet Bar’s Epic Burgers are a testament to the fact: the cheese burger with Reblochon cheese and the truffle burger compete with the more traditional flavours of the barbequed hamburger... Or you may be tempted to try something slightly more original by opting for a burger featuring Parmesan cheese, red onions and honey-mustard sauce…

The burger: from fast-food to food for life
Accompanied by a fresh salad and crispy fries, served between two buns or, to ring the changes, two golden potato pancakes, burgers are enjoyed at Novotel in their beautiful simplicity. In the relaxed and comfortable setting of the Novotel Gourmet Bar, you can either kick back or work while still in a convivial space.  And you can discretely lick your fingers at the end of your meal… after having enjoyed a juicy hamburger, with no knife and fork, an utmost pleasure one cannot resist!

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