fusion burger fusion burger
fusion burger fusion burger
fusion burger fusion burger
fusion burger fusion burger

The neo-classical burger

When one thinks burgers, one thinks of course of the United States. This dish, emblematic of the country of Uncle Sam, has undergone quite unbelievable adaptations. You think you know everything there is to know about burgers? Well, have a look at the fusion burger and you will definitely be surprised!
The veritable star of international gastronomy, the American burger nowadays has some rather exotic "cousins." Let's take a tour around the world of unique burgers.
Mexican inspiration with the burrito burger
A simple idea, but devilishly effective: replace the burger bun with a corn tortilla! Recently popularised in Brooklyn, this burger recipe has made headway the other side of the Atlantic. Cut the cooked burger patty in two, add lettuce, tomato, onions and cheese and roll it up in the tortilla that has been pre-heated in the microwave. Fries are served separately or inside the burrito. Do not forger the essential Mexican pepper that adds the finishing touch. The sweet and sour taste of chipotle goes particularly well with grilled meat.

The Japanese burger: virtually a sushi burger...
Want a little fish break? Give way to the sushi burger—an amazing invention that combines the shape of the hamburger with the products that make up the traditional Japanese sushi. Cook your special sushi rice, season it with vinegar and sugar, and then shape the buns and let them cool down while you fine-tune the other ingredients. Slices of salmon or raw tuna are slipped between these two buns made of rice. For the filling, pieces of avocado, thin slices of ginger and a few touches of wasabi will do. Do not forget the bowl of soy sauce to enhance your bites, and you're done!

…or a Ramen burger
We are keeping in the Japanese tradition with this special burger that, contrary to expectation, comes to us from New York! The traditional burger ingredients are on the table: ground beef, melted cheese, lettuce, onions (fried or raw), tomato.  But here the bread is replaced by ramen noodles!  Simply cook these noodles in boiling water, cool and then mix with a beaten egg. Shape them into buns with the aid of a ramekin, cover with Clingfilm and put a weight on top. Next you only need to cook these ramen buns in a pan with a touch of oil and then prepare your burger as normal. The contrast between the crispy noodles and the tender meat is sensational!

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