Burgers in the English-speaking world Burgers in the English-speaking world
Burgers in the English-speaking world Burgers in the English-speaking world
Burgers in the English-speaking world Burgers in the English-speaking world

Burgers in the English-speaking world

What point in travelling without the delights of food? If you are one of those who confess to a weakness for burgers, then there are some places you simply cannot miss. Discover the best burger restaurants in the  English-speaking world.
A symbol of  gastronomy of the English-speaking world, the burger has become a staple of high-end bistronomy. And to prove it, we'll take you round the world on the trail of the must-have burgers!
A simple dish… but so tempting!
The traditional hamburger recipe may seem very basic: a meat patty sandwiched between two slices of lightly toasted bread, accompanied with condiments, onions, gherkins, cheese and lettuce.  But for this simple dish to spoil your taste buds it must be prepared with skill and care... Get on board straight away for 4 burger stopovers.

Having a burger in New York
The city of New York and the hamburger have this in common: they are both symbols of American culture. You will find here a $1 dollar cheeseburger on every corner ... but you will need perseverance, and especially patience, to find the best New York burger. The most famous venues have long wait times.  Other locations are harder to find, like the New York hotel burger joints: establishments that contain the best burger restaurants in New York. However, once you find the holy grail, you can boast that you have had a top-class burger in the Big Apple—very yummy!

Enjoying a hamburger in London
The London burger has nothing to be shy about vis-à-vis its rivals across the Atlantic: the English capital has restaurants with burgers that every year are voted among the top three internationally. And quite rightly, as it was the English who first had the bright idea of adding slices of cheddar into the legendary sandwich. The London burgers, sometimes more refined than their American counterparts, are so appetising that one ends up licking one’s fingers!

When in Sydney try an exotic burger!
Going further afield… Have you tried a real Aussie burger yet? This is a veritable culinary patchwork that reflects the myriad cultural influences of contemporary Australia: beetroot, pineapple, eggs, cheese and, of course, ground beef make up this Antipodean burger!

Back to the origins of the burger
What if after your tour of the burgers of the English-speaking world you go back to the origins of the burger? Hamburg is your destination. In the 19th century, hamburgers were the main meal served on the Hapag line ships, the company that linked Hamburg to New York. If you are a real burger connoisseur, you cannot miss this gastronomic stopover. Particularly as this German port vaunts some of the best burger joints on the continent…  Guten Appetit!

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