Brunch, êtes-vous plutôt sucré ou salé ? Brunch, êtes-vous plutôt sucré ou salé ?
Brunch, êtes-vous plutôt sucré ou salé ? Brunch, êtes-vous plutôt sucré ou salé ?

Sweet or savory brunch

Brunch is a meal that breaks with tradition, offering a wide variety of treats for all tastes. 
Below is a selection of the different sweet or savoury dishes you can try – the choice is yours!
Savoury brunch: classic to creative

Eggs are a typical feature of a traditional brunch and can be prepared in a variety of ways – scrambled, fried or poached – and are delicious when served with cheese or deli meats. 

Other must-have savoury treats include:
- Sandwiches: of the simple kind, with sliced bread, gouda cheese and turkey, or Scandinavian, on Swedish flat bread with salmon. Make it British with English muffins, cream cheese, avocado or salmon for a particularly delicious treat! 
- Hamburgers: a beef patty with bacon, melted cheese and onions is always a popular pick! 
- Open-faced sandwiches: best toasted, with butter and a slice of ham and cornichon pickles, for a French touch. Or, try a taste of California with avocado and shredded crab meat.

Want your taste buds to travel? A brunch can also include samosas, tacos or spring rolls. 

Serve it up sweet! 

Not tempted by scrambled eggs, bacon and sandwiches? Don’t worry! A good brunch offers sweet things too. 
You’ll find:
- Crisp, warm pastries
- Vitamin-packed fresh fruit juice
- Cereal, for a breakfast-feel
- Crepes and pancakes for the very hungry
And in addition to these classics, other, more original options include:
- Sweet verrines: enjoy a mix of berries, fromage blanc, or exotic fruit and granola.
- Pastries, cookies and cakes. 

Sweet and savoury for the little ones

A good brunch should include some kid-friendly options too. Have the children help you make a few dishes everyone will love! 
Possible sweet treats include crepes with sugar or chocolate spread, or yummy smoothies. 
Mini club sandwiches in funny shapes are an excellent idea for a lunch-type item. 

Traditionally, brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch, which is why you’ll find sweet things alongside lunch-type items. But the choice of brunch dishes is yours to make: the important thing is to enjoy it. 

Spotlight on sweet and savoury : Did you know ?
A preference for sweet or salty food is in our genes. A recent study [1] has shown that our food preferences are determined by hormones. This explains why women prefer sweet things and men prefer things that are salty. [1] Nutrinet study conducted on 37,000 volunteers

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