Le brunch à l'anglaise Le brunch à l'anglaise
Le brunch à l'anglaise Le brunch à l'anglaise

English style brunch

After a lie-in, spend an enjoyable afternoon over a brunch with your special someone or with a large group of friends. These expert tips will help you identify the authentic ingredients of a true English brunch. God save the brunch!
English brunch: all the ingredients you’ll need

The full English breakfast is famous around the world. It traditionally includes eggs (scrambled, fried, poached, etc.), sausages, rashers of fried bacon, mushrooms and baked beans, served with thick, golden toast. 
Along with these obligatory dishes, you’ll find other home-made specialities that will make your mouth water in an instant.

English brunch: a spot of tea and so much more

An English brunch menu offers a range of classically British food, including English muffins served with butter and marmalade, a type of jam made with citrus fruit and peel. Marmite is another highly popular toast spread. As the ad says: “you either love it or hate it”! 
Eggs Benedict, composed of a poached egg on an open-faced English muffin, topped with bacon and hollandaise sauce, is a classic English brunch item. Definitely try it! Marinated thick-cut bacon has been a part of English cooking for over a century. 
Or why not try a baked potato with an original topping like tuna salad and grated cheddar cheese, baked beans, or chilli con carne – the choice is yours!

One lump or two?

English tea is a must at any British brunch, and a bit of lemon with it won’t go amiss. 
While there are over one hundred types of tea in England, the most common are Earl Grey (black tea flavoured with bergamot), Darjeeling and Assam (Indian teas), and Lapsang Souchong, a Chinese tea that is smoke-dried over pine wood fires. Coffee and fresh-squeezed orange juice are other brunch staples. 
Help yourself to everything, but be careful: dunking your food in your drink may shock your English hosts! 

As you can see, an English brunch is bountiful. 
Whether you prefer sweet, savoury, or both, you’ll be filled up for the day.

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