Le brunch à l'australienne Le brunch à l'australienne
Le brunch à l'australienne Le brunch à l'australienne

Australian style brunch

Feel like a brunch on a break from exploring the extraordinary cities and landscapes of Australia? 
Tuck into this copious and diverse meal and discover some specialities from kangaroo country.
Australia has a strong brunch tradition

Originally from the UK, brunches are now a well-established tradition throughout the English-speaking world, including Australia. 
From Melbourne to Darwin to Brisbane, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a restaurant that doesn't serve weekend brunch.  A combination of breakfast and lunch, an Australian brunch brings family and friends together over a buffet offering sweet and savoury dishes to satisfy everyone’s tastes. 

What does an Australian brunch look like?

Lavish and delectable, Australian brunches usually include pastries, salads and sandwiches. Fish and seafood, a feature of local cooking, are also served. In recent years, fully vegetarian and gluten-free brunches have appeared. 
On the menu: rice cakes topped with cheese and cherry tomatoes, or grilled pesto sandwiches. A surprising and tasty twist on traditional fare!

Down-under classics

Indispensable dishes to try at an Australian brunch include:   

- Eggs, served scrambled, poached or in an omelette, as you prefer.
- Avocado on toast, generally served with feta cheese and tomatoes.
- Pancakes, a stack of thick goodness, served with fruit, ricotta cheese, butter or honey. Do you want to surprise your taste buds? Don't miss out on savoury cauliflower pancakes!
- Fried bacon that’s perfectly crispy.
- Corn fritters, topped generously with avocado, cream, salmon and tomatoes.
- Vegemite, a typically Australian spread that adds a salty tang to sandwiches and salads and is similar to soy sauce. 
Tickle your taste buds with this one-of-a-kind ingredient on a piece of toast with peanut butter.
- Mocktails, fruit-based virgin cocktails full of vitamins.
- A flat white, a pleasure for the eyes first, for the lovely milk froth shapes sketched on the surface of your drink by master baristas.

Head to an Accor restaurant to discover all of these specialities and spend a scrumptious morning with friends or family while visiting Australia! 
Sweet or savoury, you’ll never be disappointed!

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