réussir son brunch réussir son brunch
réussir son brunch réussir son brunch

10 tips for a perfect brunch

Looking to organize a scrumptious brunch? 
Here are a few tips for a delicious and enjoyable meal that’s sure to please everyone.
1) Saturday or Sunday: which day is best for a brunch?

Sunday’s no longer the only day for brunch: Saturday works too, and restaurants have noticed. In big cities, many offer this festive meal option on their menus.

2) When? Between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Gone is the obligation to sit down at noon or 1 p.m. Brunches break with tradition, and can be enjoyed as early as 11 a.m. and as late as 3 p.m. You can stay even longer if you like! Brunch is as you like it!

3) Where should you have brunch?

More and more restaurants and cafés are serving brunches on the weekend. Or, have brunch at your place. You can prepare simple and effective dishes, stress-free, knowing your guests will love them.

4) A perfect meal for family and friends

Brunch is a shared experience, between 2, 10, 50 or even more. It’s also a perfect idea for a post-wedding breakfast.

5) Selection is key

Milk, hot chocolate, fruit juice, cereal, eggs, tarts, the better the spread, the better the brunch. The table should be well-covered with tasty and varied dishes.

6) Hot and cold drinks

Offer your guests hot and cold beverages. Coffee and hot water can be put directly in coffee pots. Fruit juice served in pitchers will add color to the table.

7) A sweet spread

A wide selection of sweet treats, with things like croissants and pains au chocolat, is a staple of any good brunch. Fruit and others types of desserts are another must.

8) And a range of savory items

Savory dishes are more than welcome: set out a selection of cheeses, cold cuts, mixed salads and vegetables at your brunch. 

9) Be original

Give your meal character by adding an Asian touch with sushi or spring rolls. You can also create a theme with your plates, napkins and table decorations. Delight your guests’ eyes as well as their taste buds!

10) Board games?

Make your brunch even more festive with a few board games based on strategy, speed or simple fun, to put your guests at ease and make the meal even more memorable.

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